For Business Owners

Are you interested in exploring whether switching to solar is a good decision for you? Here’s the process involved.

One of our friendly solar experts will contact you to discuss your current electricity consumption and answer any questions you may have. We will ask for your address, copies of your current electricity bill and any plans to change your consumption patterns in the near future. We will also enquire about the energy efficiency features of your building.
We will use our analytics software to analyze your consumption patterns and determine the size of solar system you will need.
We will evaluate the suitability of your premises to install solar. We will review roof-top, carport and/or ground mounted options.
We will present you with a proposal explaining how much you can expect to save with solar.
Financing solar at your business premise involves considerations specific to commercial enterprises – particularly your tax position, the credit-worthiness of your business and the value of your property. Discuss with the experts at Volta Solar which financing options are available to your business.

Once you are comfortable that switching to solar is the right decision for you, our permitting and design team will start work to obtain the necessary City and utility approvals to install your solar facility. We’ll keep you posted at every step of the process, and consult with you on the system design.
Our experienced installation crew will organize days convenient with your schedule to install your solar system.
Relax and enjoy reliable green energy savings for the next 20+ years with you new solar system.

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