Why Solar?

Save Money

Pay Less for Your Electricity

The cost of solar has fallen dramatically in the last two decades. When you replace expensive power purchased from your electric utility with free solar energy, you can save money. With a range of financing options available, including $0 down financing, you can experience immediate savings.

Reduce Your Tax Bill

Installing solar can enable you to pay less in taxes. Homeowners receive a 30% tax credit that can reduce your tax bill dollar for dollar. Businesses can receive the same tax credit in addition to being able to utilize accelerated depreciation on the solar equipment.

Avoid Ever Increasing and Uncertain Utility Prices

Electricity prices are increasing every year. When you install solar, you’ll avoid paying your utility for the energy that you generate. You can either consume the energy your system produces or receive a credit on your electric bill for any excess energy delivered back to the grid.

Protect The Environment

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Utilities primarily use coal and natural gas as fuel to generate the electricity they provide to your home. When you replace the energy you buy from your utility with clean and 100% renewable energy created by the sun, you are reducing your carbon footprint.

Fight Climate Change

Residential and commercial buildings are responsible for 34% (approximately) of Greenhouse Gas emissions in the United States. Going solar can significantly decrease those emissions and help shape the world our children and grandchildren will live in.

Be Part of the Green Movement

Individuals and businesses across the world are recognizing the importance of Going Green. For a business, this can be an important part of their branding strategy. You can be at the forefront of that movement by installing solar today.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy Little to No Maintenance

Solar panel systems are incredibly durable. They have no moving parts and it is generally not necessary to clean your solar panels.

Take comfort in Long-Term Product Warranties

Panel manufacturers typically provide 25-year electric production warranties that ensure panels continue to deliver the expected level of energy production over their useful life. 10-year inverter warranties are also commonplace with extended warranties being available as well.

Benefit from Proven Technology

The first modern solar panel was developed by Bell Laboratories in 1954. The technology has a long history with the cumulative world-wide capacity of solar PV reaching over 200 gigawatts in 2015.

Community Benefits

Boost U.S. Energy Independence

The U.S. currently relies on energy resources from foreign countries to meet its needs. Solar can help the U.S. reduce this reliance and avoid sending billions of dollars overseas.

Create jobs

The clean energy economy is driving job creation across the country. Over the last year, the solar industry added jobs twelve times faster than the rest of the economy, even more than the jobs created by the oil and gas extraction and pipeline sectors combined.

Increase Property Values

Recent studies have shown that homes with clean energy systems have a higher home values and sell faster than similar homes that do not. Appraisers are beginning to take solar systems into account and this can help drive your home value price up.

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